MichiTree Inc.
2650 W. Fisher Rd
Ludington, MI  49431
Phone: (231) 845-0142
Fax: (231) 845-5985

   MichiTree is an independently owned and operated consulting forestry firm.  Since 1983, MichiTree has been providing Michigan landowners with assistance in forestry.  Our mission is to provide private landowners with professional assistance in the management and marketing of their forest resources.  Primary services include:

  1. Initial on site inspection or over the phone consultation.
  2. Forest management recommendations based on the landowner's objectives.
  3. Forest management planning and/or Timber sale assistance.
  4. Assistance with enrollment in Qualified Forest Tax Exemption (QF)and Commerical Forest(CF), including Forest/Wildlife Management Plan writing/mapping.
  5. Timber appraisals and Timber tax services.
  6. Wildlife habitat improvement.                                                                                                                                                                   

   General Description of Services

   Our primary service involves assisting private and public landowners with forestry and wildlife habitat improvement projects. After our initial over the phone/email consultation, we often schedule an on-site visit with the landowner.  During this "initial inspection", landowner's objectives are discussed along with recommendations of potential forest management opportunities.  If landowner hires us to write a forestry/wildlife management plan, we generally charge a set fee, based on the location and complexity of the property. Other times, landowners choose to look to us for immediate assistance with timber sales. In this instance, MichiTree handles the entire project from start to finish. This generally involves; designating which trees get harvested and estimating the timber volume to be sold, advertising the sale for competitive bidding, writing quality timber sale contract, and overseeing the project through completion.  Landowners are usually charged a commision (% of timber value) for this service, and the rate is determined during our on-site visit.  Through our experience, landowners can expect to receive professional representation with many key management decisions. It's important to note that this generally has a long-lasting effect on the future conditions of their timberland. We pride ourselves in our ability to responsibly represent our client's interest in quality timberland management. This combined with a long-standing history of building relationships with key markets, assures our clients have a positive experience when the decision is made to manage their timberland. 

tele: (231) 845-0142 fax: (231) 845-5985  email: michitreeinc@gmail.com