Frequently Asked Questions

How much damage should be expected when loggers are thinning my woods?

Most timber sales are cut by professional loggers that do very little damage to residual crop trees. Although some damage does occur in every logging operation, we closely monitor each crew and require quality workmanship.

How do I know I'm being paid a fair price for my trees?

Our unique experience with key markets and competitive bidding process assures the landowner has recieved top market value for their trees.

When will the loggers come in and thin my woods?

Once sold, a typical timber sale contract runs one year and restricts tree length skidding from May 15th thru July 31st (bark easily peels off trees). Many landowners also restrict deer season.

What are the major health threats to Michigan forests?

Beech Bark Disease, Oak Wilt and Emerald Ash Borer are probably the biggest threats and are rapidly spreading throughout Michigan. Other common threats include pests such as gypsy moth, eastern tent caterpillar, and other similar defoliators.

When should I harvest my trees?
Most quality hardwood and pine stands can be thinned every 8-10 years (depending on objectives and past treatments). Through crop tree release thinning, stand is managed to maximize growth on quality stems. Since trees store well on the stump, timeing should be selected when market conditions are favorable.
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